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Soil erosion, lack of nutrients, weeds and moisture retention are all serious landscaping issues here in the Oklahoma dust bowl; hydromulching is one convenient and cost effective way of combating the elements, and helping turn the “dust” into viable, rich soil that will not blow away as soon as a light breeze or heavy drizzle comes along. So, what exactly is hydromulch?

Hydromulch is a mixture of wood mulch,fertilizer, a color dye, a tackifier (“glue”) agent and water to the consistency of pancake batter. The resultant mix, called slurry, is then evenly sprayed over the area to be treated.

What are the benefits of hydromulch?

       •  Cost effective

Hydromulch is generally considered to be much less expensive in time, money and aggravation then traditional forms of mulching.

       •  Less soil erosion

The various ingredients in the hydromulch slurry make it significantly heavier then the native soil/dust in Oklahoma which in turn makes it more difficult to wash or blow away.

       •  Customizable

Not all lawns are the same. Some need more fertilizer, water or different nutrients than others to create a rich, green lawn. With hydromulch we can add or subtract ingredients to help your lawn achieve and maintain the perfect balance.

       •  Even distribution

There are a couple of reasons why you get such even distribution with hydromulch.

       1)      Hydromulch is liquid slurry the consistency of pancake batter which is sprayed out of a hose to ensure even coverage.  

       2)      Hydromulch also includes a green or blue dye which fades out but makes it easy to see any highs or lows in the application area.

       3)      Hydromulch is thicker than water allowing it to easily adhere to slopes and steep hills.

       •  Healthier plants

Anyone with a “green thumb” will tell you that your garden/lawn can only be as healthy as the foundation it is laid upon. In other words if the soil you are trying to plant in is poor in moisture and nutrients your plants, including flowers and grass will reflect that. Hydromulching combines fertilizers and nutrients with a tackifier that is specially designed to “bond” with the soil boosting the health of the soil. Hydromulching also includes wood and paper fibers which are soaked in water which keeps the moisture from evaporating as quickly as other mulches.